“My Gender is a Pair of Safety Scissors”, VIDA Body of a Poem series (September 2018)

on the day of Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing I pass a man on Nassau, The Rumpus - ENOUGH (forthcoming)

The first spring we planted perennials, Third Coast (forthcoming)

beauty secrets, Borderlands (forthcoming)

a white man yells at me at the traffic light because, Superstition Review (December 2018)

餓鬼 // hungry ghost, Superstition Review (December 2018)

letter for my future daughters, Yes Poetry (November 2018)

frequently asked questions, Yes Poetry (November 2018)

not a woman, not not a woman, Yes Poetry (November 2018)

showing up to Sunday dim sum with a fresh shave, Yes Poetry (November 2018)

favourite person, Occulum (October 2018)

dearVagabond City (September 2018)

superstitionsHobart (August 2018)

erasure, Looseleaf Magazine (May 2018)

ghost, Looseleaf Magazine (May 2018)

unpacking, BOAAT (May 2018)

elegy for the pre-packaged pie I ate on March 14, 2018Hot Metal Bridge (May 2018)

telling my mother i miss herThe Shade Journal (May 2018)

Telling my mother I'm not her daughter, Nat. Brut Invisible Weight Folio (May 2018)

Borderline personality disorder: an episode in parts, Nat. Brut Invisible Weight Folio (May 2018)

letter from the city to the firefly, Animal Magazine (March 2018)

flying lessons, Crab Fat Magazine (March 2018)

this is an offering, Lunch Ticket (December 2017)

the things we both knew, Minola Review (August 2017)

cremation, Ricepaper Magazine (July 2017)

morning view of the city, Ricepaper Magazine (May 2017)

Awards & Fellowships

Black Lawrence Press 2018 St. Lawrence Book Award Finalist.

Room Poetry & Fiction Contest 2018, Poetry Long List. “flight risk”.

The Home School, Poetry Workshop, 2018.

2018 Third Coast Poetry Contest, judged by Sarah Kay. "The first spring we planted perennials".

L'Éphémère Review Inaugural Writing Awards, Poetry Longlist, 2018. "The first spring we planted perennials".

Briarpatch Writing in the Margins Contest, Poetry Shortlist, 2018. "Vancouver Seawall, third bench from the dock".

Voices of Our Nation (VONA), Poetry Workshop, 2017.